The biodiversity of Madagascar


100,000 different species make up the invertebrate fauna of Madagascar. We classify insects, all of which are endemic to our Great Island. Researchers believe that several species are yet to be discovered. Among the 400 species of butterflies, the superb comet butterfly called Argema Mittrei will surprise more than one entomologist with its wingspan of 15 cm

Madagascar: Lake on the Pangalanes Canal (Aerial)

Whales in paradise of St. Mary Nosy Boraha
A team from France 2 set off to discover Île Sainte-Marie, a strip of land almost glued to Madagascar, where the largest concentration of humpback whales in the world is located.

Travel with Janice Swab to the world's fourth largest island, so different from other world land masses that it has been called the Eighth Continent.

Madagascar always unique (sous-titres français)

Madagascar Visiting a Fishing Village on the Pangalanes Canal, Madagascar

Un survol par un drone du village de VOHIBOLA